Hi guys, after a good 2 months I am back in town … Oooooh do you hear that nice music? Yeay Put your hands up … Oeh meet this amazing DJ @stiemofficial. He started at the age of 15 and we are now 8 years later. STIEM cannot be stopped. Ah yes? He is already a well-known DJ in the Aarschot & Leuven region. Do you know him? If not, don’t worry, I was able to ask him a few questions. So let’s go;)

Stienus HolemansDJ STIEM

Introduce yourself:

I am Stienus Holemans better known under my artist name STIEM, I am 24 years old and I graduated. I normally work at Ultimate Services, is a company from Antwerp who likes to help build at festivals and events. In my spare time I am a DJ. I am a calm person, I like to help other people and I am very social.

The story of DJ STIEM:

STIEM has been playing since he was 16 years old, but first came into contact when a friend of his started DJing and wanted to try it too. Soon it started to take on more of a meaning, it has become his passion. He feels good about himself and his self-confidence has increased enormously. He mainly deals with Dance, Electro pop & Summer vibes.

Do you want to book STIEM for festivals, nightclubs, closed parties (friends of friends) etc. ? This is always possible. As for the price, this is negotiable. Contact us via instagram or send an email to

He has collaborated with Quarantine sessions (Q_sessions) -> look at the page
In addition, he collaborates with other artists to produce songs and mashups. Collaborations with them are always excellent.

Imagine … STIEM is not a DJ, what would he do? Well, he would definitely stay in the event industry and keep organizing parties and boosting artists.

You know … the COVID has been going on for 1 year now. It is a difficult period for many but STIEM, he sees it differently … he is a real busy bee and has already released 3 songs in the past year on the label (record company) Dutch Music Records in Haarlem “Dutch” and there are also new collabs to release. Something he is really proud of.

His sources of inspiration are mainly Joe Stone, Joel Corry, Lucas & Steve, Maori, etc. and they are mainly focused on how they make their own songs, how they mix and enter into collaborations.

Music is his passion, his outlet & his happiness. What he finds important is good health and being able to focus on his passion, namely making music. Another thing that STIEM would like to share with you is that he has some goals in mind. Living off his music is something he has always dreamed of, but performing at Tomorrowland is definitely something he definitely wants to fight for. His motto is … stay positive and enjoy every second minute of the day.

Videos by DJ STIEM

Thank you for the interview STIEM! I feel very honored!
Are there any questions for DJ STIEM? Do not hesitate to contact him via instagram or by mail. He will be happy to answer your questions!

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