Hi guys, this blog post is going to be a very special challenge for me. For the first time, I will be creating a blog post in English. This is completely outside my comfort zone. Enough talk about me 🙂 Last week, I checked my instagram and I came across a nice profile that interests me enormously. Do you guess what it is exactly? There are many possibilities, but Photography is definitely the best. I’ll leave the floor to this professional photographer serioja_sherman

Instagram: serioja_sherman
Serioja Sherman – Photographer

Tell us something about yourself. Who are you? How old are you? Where do you live? What you are studying ? Are you already going to work? What are your hobbies?

I was born in Moldova in a small town, then my whole family moved to live in Germany and so did I. At the moment I am in Moldova because all my friends and acquaintances are here, but of course more opportunities are in Germany, and even more so for me as for  photographer, I am 21 years old, January 23 will be 22 years old. I speak 6 languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Moldavian, Romanian and I learn Germany. I am a designer by profession, but I am going to work in Germany in my profession, one of my hobbies is playing the bass guitar.

My camera is my life

Are you a full-time photographer or do you do something else? If so, tell me please a bit more about this.

I photograph for myself, I am looking for clients myself or they find me themselves, sometimes I work at weddings as a photographer, it’s not very easy.

The forest

How long have you been doing this?

Professionally I started taking photographs 2 years ago and since then I have noticeably grown in quality, before I started taking pictures with my phone and over time I bought myself a camera.

Beautiful view

What kind of photography do you like best? Nature? Fashion? Fashion model? To travel?…

Most of all I like to photograph nature, nature is art, as well as travel and then people, I have more nature photographs in my portfolio.

The castle

Which photography accessories do you have? How many are there? What are the accessories for?

Accessories are necessary if you want to create “masterpieces” what do I have:

  • Flash
  • Filters
  • Lenses, this is the most necessary
  • Stabilizer, for creating video
    Lenses are used for different scenarios eg 35mm 1.8F lens for portraits, 150mm 3.5F more for nature.
Photography is my passion

Why the passion for photography?

7 years ago I took pictures with my phone and it seemed to me that the meyan would succeed, but to be honest it was generally awful and I wanted something more and I started saving up for my first camera, I was so happy and full of desire to create masterpieces in  photo, of course, I didn’t work very well, but I always strive for perfection and now I have achieved a certain result, photographing this is what inspires me, looking at ordinary things is unusual.

Flowers makes my day great

Who or where does the inspiration come from when taking photos?

Each person finds inspiration in different things, personally I find inspiration in nature when I am at one with nature, I feel a fresh breeze, birds singing in the life of creative people there are crises, and in the life of a photographer there is a creative crisis, I had one.

His amazing sister in the picture @tania_sherman

Do you do shoots? How much does it cost for a shoot?

Yes, I take pictures for money, a photo session for:

  • 1 model costs 40 €
  • A wedding photo session: depending on the order 100 € – 300 €
Blueberries – Photography

How do you experience the corona crisis?

Of course, the crown crisis had a very strong effect on work, because it was impossible to contact people at all, and since I needed it, I did not work, but now it’s easier to work, people were also afraid to go to photo sessions, now everyone is used to situation in the world.

Do you also feel the peace in nature?

How can people contact you?

When I just started doing photography, it was hard for me to find clients, and yes, I even wrote to people myself and offered my services, but over time, my Instagram profile began to grow and people began to recognize me and write to me to make a photo session, in my  Instagram profile contains mail, anyone can contact me and I will always to answer.

Red currant – Photography

So, thank you for participating in my interview. I feel very honored to have the opportunity to interview you. I also like to do photography. Super thanks!

Dear people, dear followers. Be sure to check out the profile of this top photographer. A very nice profile! I will take you all one by one into the magical world of this photographer. @serioja_sherman

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