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Hi dear followers, today i will talk about chocolate. Who is all a fan of chocolate here? Then you have me sticking out my finger first.Yes, as you well know I am a chocolate freak. I enjoy this to the fullest. #Sorrynotsorry Well, 2 months ago I had a collaboration with @choclair_belgium on my instagram page. I was allowed to make someone happy with 1 box of luxury chocolates. I loved this so much and also got the chance to taste this chocolate. Honestly, I already saw the box and was already delighted with the packaging. I opened it and I tasted it. They taste very good, different flavors and they look so appealingly beautiful with fashion prints. I was already impressed then, but still today. So, I no longer leave you in suspense. So, let’s go!

The Story of Fairy Chocolates

Fairy Chocolates is a chocolate company created in 2015. It originates from a dynamic idea of Ann Van Acker and Wim Geerinck whose philosophy was to introduce a complete and renewing concept on the chocolate market. This introduction was revealed with the luxurious and artisanal Cho’Clair. From then, Fairy Chocolates gained national and international fame.

Cho’Clair is a chocolate product that looks like an eclair, a typical sweet and Belgian pastry, combined with a pure, strong, exquisite and seducing taste. All of this is visually titillated with an innovative look featuring fashion prints and a luxurious packaging referring to high-quality jewel boxes.

After a victory at the prestigious Sweets and Snacks fair in Cologne, they went home with the 2nd prize Top Innovation Award 2015 with their Cho’Clair.

Ann van Acker en Wim Geerinck
Ann van Acker, Wim Geerinck (photo HLN.BE)

The story is not over yet … for the past four years, together with her business partner Wim, she has exported the product to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Ukraine, Morocco, Russia, France and Germany. Our strength lies in the quality of our chocolate, the creativity, innovative and innovative ideas and our stunning packaging designs.

In Belgium we count high-end delicatessens and bakeries among our customers. For the past two years, Delhaize retailer and Fairy Chocolates Belgium have joined forces with an exclusive Cho’Clair New Year’s gift.

“We want to make our chocolates affordable to everyone. Every opportunity, small or big deserves an exclusive and heartwarming attention, and that’s exactly what we stand for. A praline made with love able to conquer everyone’s heart. “

Het Fairy Chocolates-team

Immerse yourself in the world of Cho’Clair, Cho’Clair mini and Fairy Tales. Taste the sensation of real and pure chocolate. Be surprised by our future projects, fresh ideas, innovative concepts and newfangled flavors.

These tasty chocolates are for sale through their webshop.

Our Products

Cho’Clair the original

Heartwarming, a twinge of patriotism, an artistic workmanship, an innovative dimension, this is what Cho’Clair stands for. A luxurious praline in the shape of the ‘well’-known Belgian pastry: eclair.

The Cho’Clair is coated in Belgian chocolate combined with a masterwork of ongoing taste, creativity and a top-quality production.

Fairy Chocolates combines enchanting flavours and delicate textures which will steal everyone’s heart.

Offering our luxurious gift boxes is as magic as receiving them. With our keen eye for detail, we bring our pralines to life.

Our Cho’Clair pralines allow everyone a twinkle of pure joy. Arouse your senses and be surprised by our passion for real Belgian chocolate.

What makes Fairy Chocolates unique?

  • Delicate and soft textures
  • A high level of cocoa
  • Pure cocoa butter
  • Selected chocolate beans
  • A wide range of artisanal flavours
  • Creative and exclusive products
  • Affordable pralines for every occasion
  • Luxurious packaging for him and her
  • Easy and quick to order via our web shop
  • Nationally and internationally renowned

Sensational tastes and fashion prints

With its wide range of flavours and fashion prints, the Cho’Clair developed into a masterwork by all means. Every taste is accompanied by an individual high-fashion print design where every detail was crafted with the greatest care.


Caramel/coffee – milk chocolate
Praline/bresilienne – milk chocolate
Yuzu – milk chocolate
Raspberry – milk chocolate
Pistachio – milk chocolate

With its charismatic look, concern for elegance and perfection the mini Cho’Clair, a delight for the eye looks to be shipped straight from heaven. A praline with a surprising taste sensation and refined textures which brings about a whole new dimension.

Five flavours which plunge you in the world of pure Belgian chocolate. The magnificent charism of Cho’Clair will bring a smile to your face. No occasion will ever be the same for you anymore, as these exclusive chocolate bonbons grand you as well the chance to celebrate a blessed moment of love with friends, relatives and family.  


Discover the new chapter of the Fairy Chocolates Belgium world. We embrace an innovative and modern concept, our Fairy Tales pralines. Tasteful, original, artisanal and focusing on an explosive sensation, it brings to life a magic glitter.  

A tribute to the Japanese Koi fish

Fairy Chocolates Belgium has a fondness for the Japanese culture and sings the praises of the Japanese Koi fish. Our Fairy Tales are adorned with a high-quality Koi print design. This exclusive product was completely tailor-made and launched on the Belgian chocolate market.

Two sensational and divine flavours

The cherry on top is the sublimation of our pralines by two exquisite flavours with a sparkling explosion. Have the popping sugar crackle in your mouth, and give every occasion a festive touch. A fresh, fruity and red jelly coated in dark chocolate, this praline too will steal your heart. With their soft texture and eye for detail, these Fairy Tales pralines are awarded a magistral creation.


Praline – pure chocolate
Banana with caramel nibs – milk chocolate
Pineapple/crispy – milk chocolate
Cappuccino – milk chocolate
Orange spice/biscuit – pure chocolate

Our Gold collection introduces a brand new product. The well-known Cho’Clair praline in a new guise of flavours and fashion prints. A chocolate bonbon enriching your palate, and bringing it to the next level of experience. With its five seductive tastes, this Gold collection is an absolute highlight from our range.

The Temptation of Fairy Chocolates

Important News

  • Belgian Economic Mission China 2019 by HRH Princess Astrid
  • Foodex Fair Japan 2019
  • Fairy Chocolates meets royal people
  • Belgian Economic Mission Morocco 2018
  • Fairy Chocolates Innovation Award 2015
  • Collaboration with Tutu Chic
  • Miscellaneous

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Ann Van Acker
Fairychocolates BVBA
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Stanislaw Maczekpark 70

Mail: info@fairychocolates.be
Call: +32 473 81 77 99

So, thank you everyone! Ooh it’s almost Valentine’s Day! Not sure what to give to your loved one? Buy a box and you will be taken to a magical world. They are irresistibly tasty with super fun fashion prints! I’m in love, you too? <3

Love Stéphanie xxx

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